Category: Exploring Intersections

February: Equitable Access to Healthcare

Education not only shapes values and beliefs, but it also helps people grow and develop physically, The crippling effects of a successful and sustainable national healthcare system in the United States has long been a swinging pendulum of high expectations and abysmal failures. The… Continue Reading “February: Equitable Access to Healthcare”

January: Education Justice

Listen as a podcast! Education not only shapes values and beliefs, but it also helps people grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Education empowers people to address the urgency of our time and to act. Lack of access to quality education is… Continue Reading “January: Education Justice”

December: Affordable Housing

Listen as a podcast! For those who gaze at the sky at night instead of a ceiling or sleep on a pavement instead of a bed, housing, much less affordable housing, holds little meaning. The basic human need for shelter is often unattainable for… Continue Reading “December: Affordable Housing”

November: Restorative Justice

Listen as a podcast! Victims of crime often find forgiveness too raw to reach; the sense of injustice outweighing the act of turning one’s cheek. For the perpetrator, the sense of injustice is equally strong; living in a world beyond one’s control, where societal… Continue Reading “November: Restorative Justice”

October: Food Security

Listen as a podcast! Food security means having physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food at all times to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life. How does food insecurity lead to migration? What is the impact of climate… Continue Reading “October: Food Security”

September: Economic Justice

Listen as a podcast! What does economic justice mean to you – as a woman in the workforce, as an immigrant without health care, as a mother with many mouths to feed. For those in our society whose avenues of opportunity in seeking economic… Continue Reading “September: Economic Justice”

August: Eliminating Gun Violence

Listen as a podcast! Gun violence has become a global human rights and public health issue that threatens the basic right to life. Gun violence disproportionately impacts communities of color, women and other marginalized groups in society. Armed violence and climate change are two… Continue Reading “August: Eliminating Gun Violence”

July: Ending Human Trafficking

Listen as a podcast! How can we help those we cannot see? How does one empower those who are in chains? Human trafficking, as far-reaching and insidious as a global pandemic, knows no boundaries—whether by online home invasions or physical coercions dressed as dreams.… Continue Reading “July: Ending Human Trafficking”

June: Racial Justice

Listen as a podcast! How do we deal with our country’s racist history and the long-term consequences? How do we support racial justice today and work to become an anti-racist society? And how does racial justice intersect with the critical issues of migration and… Continue Reading “June: Racial Justice”

May: Migration

Listen as a podcast! How can we show compassion without borders and love without boundaries? What does it take to navigate legal systems to become a citizen of a different country? What are the root causes of inequity for those who migrate? Join migration… Continue Reading “May: Migration”